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    As all or the biggest part of online amusements created in the virtual type represent only a poor copy of the initial amusement, there is a new period in Bingo game history with the introduction of its online variation. Read More +

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The Bingo Game Info starts its track in the end of XVIth century and the game originates from the entertainment named Lotto d’Italia. After that it was governed by the state and caused huge incomes to the treasury. The modern type of Bingo is very alike to the game it was ago in 1530. The amazing fact on this entertainment is that Bingo was not once considered as the gambling entertainment of a filth. This is probably because of the fact that during a long time, the gambling game generated huge amounts of money for charity funds and it is still a frequent custom.

The Bingo Game Info claims that the game was welcomed around the globe after it became widely popular in Italy. In France gambling entertainment of Bingo won the hearts of the French intelligentsia and nonetheless the gambling game is different from the type we know at present, it yet has much in common particularly in logic and rules. Instead of balls chips were used in the game and the cardboards were designed without the use of a single technique. The images in the French lottery were just the horizontal stripes.

Later in 1929 the entertainment came from Deutschland to the USA. The game was those days known as the “Beano” cause the covers for the called balls were dried beans. Back then the patterns of vertical/diagonal lines were introduced leading us to the gambling game like we know it today. In the state of Georgia American businessman Edwin Lowe saw this entertainment with his partners and was the author of its amazing popularity all over the world. During one of his plays one of the girls won and instead of yelling out “Beano” as it was the name of the game, the woman screamed out “Bingo” and Lowe used this newly made word to name the entertainment in the USA. Cause the gambling entertainment got more and more renowness, the Lowe had got a complicated job of producing the random cardboards and asked Carl Leffler, a professor of mathematics, to make 6,000 Bingo tickets. Regrettably, the job turned out to be too difficult and made the professor insane.