• Bingo Rules

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Bingo Cards

The popular game of bingo is played using cards which are referred to bingo cards. These cards as a rule are produced of cardboard or in some cases non-reusable paper. Recently however some bingo companies have started using computerized cards in order to beat competition. All types of bingo cards are printed in different styles that have random bingo numbers. When these numbers are called, the players will either use a bingo dauber to stamp the boxes or they will off the boxes with a marker or pen. Bingo cards are different in different countries.

Bingo Cards in US

In US the cards are 5 by 5 squares where the columns are marked as B, I, N, G and O together with spots that contain numbers that are between 1 and 75 and a center square which is usually a free spot often having “free” printed on it. The B column has numbers 1 to 15, the next I column contains 16 to 30, then goes N column with 31 to 45 numbers, the G bingo column has the following numbers 46 to 60 and the last O column – 61 to 75.

Bingo Cards in UK

In the UK however bingo cards are usually referred to as tickets and these greatly differ from the US bingo cards. The UK bingo cards have 3 rows and 9 columns where each row has 5 numbers as well as 4 blank spaces and each of the columns has one, two or three numbers. The very first column contains consecutively numbers 1 to 10, the second column has numbers 11 to 20, the third 21 to 30 up to the ninth column which has 81to 90. There are also other types of cards that are used in bingo and these are Break Open and Flimsies.

In a typical bingo hall, a dealer gives all the players a specific number of cards depending on the specific type of bingo being played. These cards should be held by hand while facing down. The dealer also places a specific number of other cards also depending on the type of game being played at the center of the table. The round of play will then depend on how much the players agree to bet on and then the dealer will turn one of the center cards over to face up. If a player has a card that has the same value with the center card turned over they should reveal and their card will also be turned to face up in front of them.

The betting should continue until a player has all their cards turned over and should then shout “bingo” to be able to claim the prize. In a case where all the center cards have been turned over to face up and no player has said bingo then all the players will be required to reveal all their remaining cards where their value will be determined. Cards without numbers have specific values for example Kings are 13, Queens are 12, Jacks at 11and aces at either 1 or 15 depending on the game. Players will have agreed before the start of the game whether it is the player with the highest or lowest rank who will win in this scenario.