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Bingo Beliefs and Superstitions

Almost all gabling games today have some form of beliefs and superstitions and bingo is one of these games. Like most of these games, bingo is a game of chance where the odds of winning it are mostly attributed to luck. It is important to keep in mind that even though some people always seem to be lucky there is no way they will keep winning forever. Due to this trend some players have resorted to using different methods to win and this will include lucky charms, lucky numbers, lucky seats and any other thing that they believe will give them luck.

1. Lucky charms can be in the form of many things and this will include the popular rabbit’s feet, bizarre troll dolls, leaf clovers, and beanbag animals among others. In most researches that have been done in the past 75 percent of bingo players carry with them some of lucky charm when they go to play.

2. ‘Lucky seats’ is also a popular belief among bingo players as there are always players who book seats before they start playing. It is common courtesy to give away a seat if someone else claims it especially if you are new in a bingo hall. You have to keep in mind here that if another layer thinks that his lucky seat that does not mean it will be your lucky seat also. Even though this belief may not guarantee you a win when you play some players just want to feel comfortable in their seat. Being comfortable is always an advantage when you are playing these types of games as this ensures you concentrate more and thereby ensure that you grab any chance you have of winning.

3. Lucky numbers is another belief many bingo players have today and this one varies from player to player. Players have come to believe in some numbers that have caused them to win before and will always want to stick to those numbers every time they play.

4. Lucky coin is also another popular belief among bingo players. Here players display a specific coin on top of their cards in a specific pattern. These types of players always ensure they have these coins before they start playing. Other players however believe that having these coins on top of their cards gives them bad luck or brings them some type of a curse.

Irrespective of what a player believes it is important every bingo player enjoys the game and if believing in something is going to give that player the comfortable feeling then they will most definitely enjoy the game. It is also important to respect other player’s beliefs no matter how lame they might seem as every player has a right to do whatever they want so long as they don’t affect your play.