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Watch Blackjack Game in Movies

Poker is experiencing tremendous popularity in today’s modern time, but it is blackjack that remained popular since it was first introduce as a casino game until today. In the past, casinos only devote few tables for this game, but it gained success over other casino games. This game has reached the Hollywood scene as there were movies specifically made for this popular casino game. There are numbers of movies for this game and these movies are considered as classic. The following are movies dedicated for blackjack game and find out why you should watch these movies. Before you’ll watch, grab your Unibet Bonus!

Rain Man

First is Rain Man that was shown during 1998. The main actor is Dustin Hoffman and this film made him as Oscar Best Actor. He is an autistic who has been abducted by his younger brother named Charlie played by Tom Cruise. He has taken him for a trip to America. When Charlie discovers his unique talent for number, then head to Las Vegas and tried his ability in card counting in diverse blackjack tables. Actually, it is not blackjack that was the main focus here, but the game plays an important role to their characters. This movie won as best picture in the Oscar. This is a good film to watch even if you are not a blackjack fan.


Another interesting film is 21 in 2008. This movie shows how MIT blackjack team dominates Las Vegas using card counting. The famous actors in this film are Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth. This is considered as the ultimate blackjack movies of all time because this film is largely focus in this game.

The Hot Shoe

You can also watch “The Hot Shoe” that was shown in 2005. If you are interested in card counting, you will love this film as it is centered in blackjack. Within this film you will find card counters that were interviewed like members of the famous MIT blackjack team. The film studied the art of card counting and the mathematical system behind it. If you want to know more about this strategy, then this movie can help you.

Vegas Vacation

In 1997 there was a film entitled Vegas Vacation. This is all about a family traveling to Las Vegas for relaxation and the main character who is Clark Griswold played by Chevy Chase who has an obsession over blackjack.

California Split

The oldest film is California Split that was shown during 1974 and this was directed by Robert Altman. This is also about the friendship of two characters with same passion for playing blackjack and other casino games.

If you are a blackjack enthusiast, then you will enjoy watching all of these great movies. Some of these movies were released by famous studios while some films were made using limited budget. Each movie is very enjoyable to watch and you will surely learn more about blackjack once you watch these films. You can either download these movies or watch it online in diverse websites online. Right after watching these movies, you will realize how interesting blackjack is.